Beach tents and Beach Shelters should be used at the beach to shade you from the harmful UV rays. Shade is so important to protect your skin from being burnt , which in turn can cause skin cancers and early aging .We recommend if you do go into the sun you apply good quality sunscreen . Beach tents and Beach Shelters provide portable shade wherever you are on the beach. Beach tents or beach shelters should be secured into the sand with pegs, sand bags or guy ropes . When purchasing a beach tent or beach shelter ensure it is UPF 50+ rated and a quality product. Also ensure there are vented sides/windows to ensure breezes flow through as beach tents or beach shelters without vented sides /windows can be hot sweat boxes. Beach tents and beach shelters should be easy to erect and set up – check out the instructions before purchasing. Also check out the size of the beach tent and beach shelter before buying to ensure your are buying the correct size for your needs